Bridal Fabrics

Your Choice In Bridal Fabrics

The selection in bridal fabrics available to every bride has grown at a rapid rate and while you may have once been stuck choosing between a small handful of different fabrics, you can now choose from a much greater number. Happily, modern fabrics are tough, strong, and resilient, while also being beautiful and easy to work with although the exact qualities of the fabric will ultimately depend on exactly which fabric
you opt for.


Silk is one of the most commonly used bridal fabrics because of its classic, beautiful look. Its elegance is often combined with other materials in order to enjoy the benefits that both materials offer.


Rayon is considered a synthetic alternative to silk. It has many similar properties but the manufactured material is less expensive than silk and is also more elastic potentially giving it greater flexibility than its natural counterpart.


Satin is densely woven silk. It usually has a sheen on one side which makes any wedding dress appear even more glamorous. Satin can be used to create contemporary looking wedding dresses as well as classical ones.


Chiffon is often used as extra layers on a wedding dress, for sleeves or for wraps and overskirts. Chiffon can be made from silk but this can prove expensive, and a chiffon made from rayon can give a similar look and feel without having to bump up the price of the dress too

Brocade And Damask

Brocade has proven a popular bridal fabric especially for winter weddings. The fabric is Jacquard woven and also includes an ornate raised design. Damask may also be used for winter weddings; both fabrics offer extra warmth against the elements without sacrificing looks.

Bridal Fabrics

There are many other bridal fabrics as well as slight variations on the majority of them. Choosing the right fabric means finding one that offers the combination you need. Silk is expensive but looks stunning, while rayon is less expensive and more flexible. Some materials are only available in a limited choice of colours while others enable you to pick from a whole gamut of hues depending on your taste, preference, and requirements for the big day.