Coupon 101 – Clipping Coupons to Save Money

Clipping coupons is one of the best ways to save money on your monthly grocery and household budget. Coupons are offered by manufacturer’s of the top brands to help you save money and stay brand specific in your shopping. When you take the time to clip coupons and pair them with weekly sales and other promotions you can save hundreds of dollars a month on your groceries and household needs. There are a few things to know when clipping coupons to get the best deals and make sure you’re saving money in the best way possible. One of these things is to make sure you are getting the correct newspaper. This means the metro edition or the largest newspaper your state offers. This is where the most coupons will be found each week.

Take the time to follow the weekly grocery sales and take advantage of in-store or store specific coupons as well as the notorious double coupon. Most of the time these store and double coupons can be used with the manufacturer’s coupons for the best deals possible. This is a great way to trim a little off your weekly shopping budget without sacrificing healthy choices and brand names.

One of the most important things when clipping coupons is keeping them organized so you can find what you need. Separating household and food is the first step and then if you are using an online membership service you will often group according to the date you clipped the coupon. Otherwise, you can sort them according to area of the store and expiration date. At the end of every month you should make a little time to go through your coupons to organize and remove expired coupons. This is good to do during the last week of the month as it allows for you to catch any coupons you want to use before they expire. Clipping coupons is a tried and true way to save money each week on your grocery bill and can trim some of the grocery budget you struggle with each month.