Coupons Have Invaded Television

Coupon offers are beginning to replace high profile, slick, and strategic advertising that you are used to see on television, and tune out most of the time.

In the last week, I saw four different coupon ads on local television. The first ad was an after mother’s day clearance sale at a name local department store that was advertising a $ 25 coupon just for entering the store (to be used for anything you want). This department store attempted to use a coupon offer just to get people to walk into the store. Increased traffic has been a big problem for all retail establishments and the combination of television and coupon offers is a new approach to increase traffic, which will lead to more sales.

Then I saw a national automotive maintenance company offering four different coupon offers ranging from a cheap oil change, to a free tire if you buy three. Normally, auto maintenance companies advertise either through the mail or in magazines and newspapers. You often find these type of advertisements in the “sports” section. The fact that auto maintenance companies are now using television and coupons clearly indicates that they need to reach a wider audience with their offers, and even though television is expensive, apparently they need the exposure to keep their stores profitable.

Next was a flooring company that had a coupon offer for a free room of carpeting or wood flooring with a minimum purchase of two other rooms. These are usually bigger ticket sales and the coupon offer of one room free carries more impact, because it cold save a buyer hundreds of dollars, depending on which flooring product is selected. Using the similar combination of television and a larger coupon offer puts this firm ahead of its competition and the additional exposure will lead to more business.

And not to be outdone was a carpet cleaning company that actually told you to look for their coupon in the Sunday supplement, for at least three special offers. They were using prime time TV, (during the Hawks-Red Wings playoff game) to advertise their coupons in the Sunday Supplement. This must have been very expensive, and I doubt the company would have done this if the redemption rate of their coupons was not high enough to justify such an expense. It is very unique to produce a television commercial asking you to take a direct action, go to your Sunday paper and look for their coupons. This advertising strategy portrays the company coupon offers as extremely important offers and something that the consumer shol

Is advertising changing? Have coupons finally arrived. It appears so as coupon offers as now being included in prime time television commercials as an additional bonus to get people to purchase products. In the past consumers would buy without additional offers, but today these coupon offers are an added stimulus to create more sales and profits. This is an approach every television advertiser should consider.

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