How to Save Money on Dog Food With Coupons

If you are a dog owner, then your know, they can be a bit more expensive then you originally thought. Dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treat can all be very expensive. The only way to keep pet costs down is by spending less money on their food. Many dog owners, including myself, would like to save money on their monthly pet food bill but not if it means buying lesser quality dog food. You love your dog and only want he or she to have the best.

This brings me to my point, the best way to save some really money every time you need to go shopping for pet food is by combining pet food coupons with supermarket sales. If you are unfamiliar with this process then you are overspending on groceries. This will work on anything that you buy at the grocery store but for now lets just stick to dog food.

The first thing that you need to do is gather as many dog food coupons as you can get your hands on. You can find printable pet food coupons on pet food manufacturers’ websites. There are coupon circulars that are delivered weekly in most local newspapers. Make sure that you are getting your coupons every week, if not at least pickup the Sunday paper, this newspaper is chock full of money saving coupons. Basically, go online and do a little research, get as many dog food coupons from as many places as you can.

Once you have gathered a nice little collection of coupons, I would recommend organizing them by type and expiration date. This will help to keep you keep track of all of your coupons and stay organized. If you want to be able to save the maximum amount of money, organization is the key.

In order to make this work you will also have to keep track of the weekly sales of the various grocery stores in your area. Once you have a decent coupon collection, simply calculate which dog food sales in combination with the coupons will save you the most money. Using this simple system can save you thousands of dollars on pet food alone each year.