Looking For Grocery Coupons

If you enjoy saving money, you are likely an avid clipper of grocery coupons. (If you are not, you should be!) You may be frustrated, though, by the fact that you cannot access more coupons. There are several ways to address that.

First, if you clip coupons in your local newspaper, you may be missing some. Do you only clip coupons for the brands you already buy? If so, you are missing opportunities. If there is a coupon for peanut butter and you pass it by because you do not eat that brand, rethink your stance? Why not try the coupon brand? You will save money on your purchase. At worst, you have to eat one jar of peanut butter that does not meet your standards. At best, you may have discovered a new favorite.

Second, think about pooling your coupons with friends or family members. If you need large quantities of chicken nuggets, ask your family and friends to give you the chicken nuggets coupon from their newspapers if they do not intend to purchase nuggets. If they do intend to purchase nuggets, maybe you could entice them to trade by offering a coupon that would be valuable to them in exchange.

Third, take advantage of the internet. If you have a favorite brand of dish detergent, visit the manufacturer’s website to see if they have online coupons. If they do not, e-mail them, explain that you are a loyal customer, and ask if they have any coupons they could send to you.

Here is another tip that will not increase the number of coupons you have but could increase the amount you save with certain coupons. Find out if your supermarket offers double (or even triple!) coupons. Some stores do this as a means of providing customers with an added incentive to shop there. If your grocery store does not, you could request that they consider it. If that does not work, you could shop around for a store that offers this benefit.