Make Cheap Carp Fishing Baits Using Robin Red Plus Cheaper Stimulatory Ingredients!

Robin Red is a legendary additive whose components are not all fully known but certainly turn carp on! I have used extracts of and versions of this product over the decades for repeated big carp success and save myself a fortune into the bargain by making my own homemade powdered and liquid versions! You can too by reading on!

Various companies offer this famous carp bait additive and some offer substitutes which contain parallel components that induce similar positive feeding effects on carp and other fish! I have used versions of Robin Red liquids and extracts for over 3 decades and am always very pleased with the results, especially when these are enhanced by various means. The incredible longevity of success of Robin Red demonstrates that there is far more to bait success that just protein and this should never be over-looked for the implications are staggering for all those who wish to make their own unique homemade baits as economically as possible!

To begin with I used to mix Rod Hutchinson Robin Red Extract with Minamino and a variety of mixed base Tutti Fruitti flavours and various amino acids, palatants and other goodies. This worked very well but Rod stopped selling his Robin Red product. Robin Red is not the cheapest of additves. It is extremely versatile though and can be applied to all kinds of uses, from boilies and paste baits, to preparing ground baits, PVA bag mixes, stick mixes, slop mixes, particles etc; the list goes on!

The genuine original additive components are known to some degree and can be used either individually or in combinations with each other, or even to bulk up the original or copy-cat products to cut costs considerably. Robin Red can be bulked up with all kinds of things, from hot chilli peppers and paprika extracts, to Niger, sesame and various whole and crushed small seeds like hemp, millet, red dari etc.

The naturally potent antioxidant pigments carophyll and cantaxanthin are a significant duo that you can apply, or even use those nicely bioactive wheat grass powders, fenugreek, celery extract and asafoetida powders for instance. I love using raw cane molasses nutrient-rich and packed with the carp trigger, betaine. When you put the raw granule type into the original additive it will feel very familiar! Such materials can boost all kinds of baits from boilies and pellets to ground baits and pellets and even meat and fish baits. The pigments in this additve dye the water very attractively and this effect can be boosted to a great degree. I use similar natural dyes in conjunction with various milk powders and soluble milk proteins such as Vitamealo and Lamlac and cheap 5 Pints Milk Powders etc, to cloud up the water full of nutritional triggers and attractors etc to really get the fish feeding!

The oils in Robin Red are also very important to the over all impact of this bait additive. You can add all kinds of oils to Robin Red and substitutes and when making your own versions of it. Aniseed and fennel oils are very good carp-catchers. Garlic oil is a very well proven oil that will go well with this outstanding additive and I seem to use this very much with butyric acid and liquid lecithins from my good friend Phil at Carpfishingpellets (online.) For all year round baits, the Red Venom liquid, chilli oil, Super Sweet, Lactose products, garlic concentrate and blue cheese powder for example of Ccmoore are very productive as are their specially-chosen range of essential oils for all year round performance.

Willis Worms have a very nice Robin Red Substitute at a great price too plus some very stimulating products that are pretty unique. Not too many anglers think of adding extra mineral and vitamin supplements etc to differentiate their baits with Robin Red and boost attraction, such as the Ccmoore Cyprivit for example.

Most anglers often over-look possible additions to Robin Red for widely various applications. Examples include mixed yeast powders, soluble milk proteins, and seaweeds like kelp, marine oils and other nutritionally-stimulating marine extracts, palatants, oleoresins, terpenes, concentrated sweeteners, spray-dried fruit juices and natural flavours. These and so many other products combined can all boost Robin Red and similar products in a variety of ways for special purposes in terms of attraction and biological and other fish impacts and all be made to form unique liquid extracts etc. But there is far more about all this good stuff in my totally unique homemade baits and carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks found at my site Baitbigfish – so see you there!

By Tim Richardson.