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That summer, I travel to your home, local leaders invited me to dinner, I didn’t expect this, they led me to your home open restaurant. I entered in the memory already distant, but it’s not strange court yard,
mbt online shop a recognized kitchen stands that woman is you, now that you have is not in the past that you. Hold in my memory of you, long face, eyes small melon and a little, but it is such a God, so the fascinating: it is of much less, slim to gusts can put you down. Now you are obviously fat, his face turned round, eye has become a joint, loins I know you are the two thick, arms also hold a few years old child.

My eyes and your eyes collision moments, I felt like a pile of dry instantly burning up, suddenly panic, feeling almost out of control.

“What’s the matter with you?” one of the leading discovery I entered your home court yard looks bad, care to ask. I tried to pretend that nothing looks said: “no how, maybe it’s too hot. “Quickly into your home.

It was in the room of the head after a room of the House.
mbt authorized dealer The ground on a round table, stripped-down Jane become so-called single.

My room was familiar with. Our Office object, I work in another area, each month to your House and see you again. I go down to your home if you are a zero class. Rest is not good, to your family want to sleep, you arrange me in this room for rest.

Because we rarely meet every work in Studio, be back in a moment of your trip, every time you come back, for fear of waking me creep into the House, or give me cover quilts, or sit on the heated eaves, girls crazy eyes to watch over me. Do you think I sleep, excessive fatigue, you enjoy being there to know that I didn’t sleep at all. We get time, then you cannot use the “love” to describe, but our favorite, it would like to see you got the desire, already broke my lethargic! you see me closed eyes, I was pretending to sleep, but my eyes remain a you did not find the small joints, I passionately at you. You are not so beautiful in my eyes, antiquata not you! I think there is not enough!

I know that you recognize me, your sister to us here, because I go God son,
MBT Moja Mid almost two dish stack together. I also see your sister at my eyes to spray with anger. I know that’s how anger! my conscience was such anger burned.

I talked about, I began, the leaders repeatedly asked me how it happened, I barely FOB making excuses. They will know, at this point I was signalled to frighten the waves, ashamed to see you!

I will never forget that once you to the hostel look at me, ask me why not and you get married. I was disturbed to say to you, the home economy not good, I myself haven’t saved much. What do you mean, as long as can be with me. At that time moved my eyes are moist. I want dark determined to marry non-you do not necessarily give you happiness!!

But, Hey, you know, we met two old, my father is firmly opposed to me and you, the reason is simple, that you are short. See I do not agree, the father on the hand, is my greatest fear holds: if I continue to travel with you, he and I cut a parent-child relationship.

In our sisters. I grew up on parents obedient, father have said, I fear, suffering to many days, eventually abandoned by his father is afraid of myself, I had to write you a letter with a brutal.

Do you know the letter I wrote? now say is meaningless, but I want to say that I am the following four classes, after midnight, my tears and ink manuscript in the stream, along with the words on, many are tears of bleed beyond all recognition.

You are my first love! how teen first then!

Send you take that letter, I daily nervous waiting your reply, waiting for you on my accused and the trial. Even I was wondering, in your letter castigating me, my heart is more pleasurable.

Likely to spent a few days, I received a letter from your Studio,
MBT Wingu I thought it was you sent, gave it hands were trembling. Open a read, not written by you, is your a colleague wrote me. She said you do good, accusing me of unfriendly, cursing my conscience let dogs to eat. I accept it, is she said you get my letter, after crying, crying eyes are swollen, but didn’t say a word about anyone I.

A romantic girl, a foolish girl, a woman without admiring the rich, and so was I was deeply hurt!

That night, with rain, I was in a small river around for a long time, clothes wet, do not know.

The day meal, I was going to leave your home, still want it, just remember I like a fugitive,
MBT shoes sale and hate not drilling to sew and do not let you see I cannot bring myself to face I betray first woman!

On.how Twenty years later I, son graduated from the University to participate in the work, and family life in happiness. Somehow, when I saw in public places of teenage love, you will appear in front of me, I will therefore remind you that I think of my first love.