Picture Photo Keepsake, Memorial Picture Frame

See and feel the memory with Clear Marker. A thoughtful and unique picture frame, Clear Marker, is a protective weather-resistant and waterproof photo frame that allows the display of pictures outdoors. This design is especially useful for memorials of pets, loved ones and war veterans. Its design is structured to enable the placement of the frame directly into the ground, specifically next to a tombstone or memorial, framing and protecting loved ones’ images forever. Clear Marker is an easy and affordable product that preserves the memory of pets and people that are no longer here today.
An additional use of Clear Marker picture frames is sending a photo in frame to the ones you love. Most commonly done with a bouquet of flowers, Clear Marker’s water resistant framing allows the protection of the picture to frame and sends a thoughtful and visual message to someone special. The design of the frame picture simply allows it to be placed in a flower bouquet and the frames photo can be changed as frequently as desired with its opening and closing plastic design, making it easy to follow seasons and holidays.
Clear Marker frames are also useful to school teachers. The frames serve as a display for flower images, children’s artwork, butterfly displays or geological images as a way to educate children. Gardeners also benefit from Clear Marker frames by displaying plant names or keeping the empty seed packets within the frame throughout the seasons.
Clear Marker frames are unique because they enable personalization of the frame’s bordering and wording. There is access to over 60 free individual borders by downloading a simple word document from Clear Marker’s website and selecting the most desired picture of frame. A special message can be typed directly on the border to further personalize the picture frame. The document can then be printed and cut out to fit perfectly inside the Clear Marker.
Clear Marker frames make thoughtful gifts for Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and for loved ones that simply merit condolences. The unique design of these frames creates a lasting memory of the ones we lost or the ones we still care about today with the power of imagery. Clear Marker can be trusted to protect these images against weathering both outdoors and in floral settings.
One of the features of Clear Marker frames is that they protect paper based products from wrinkling and fading outside which is a common result of moisture in the air. The plastic covering also prevents ink from running, insuring the longevity of photos and other printed material (poems, drawings, artwork etc). {pixabay|100|campaign}